What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that was founded in America in the late 1990’s. It is an evidence-based fitness that has been tried and tested with the military, police and the fire service.

The CrossFit prescription is constantly varied, high intensity functional movements. The functional movements we will use in our everyday life and it teaches us to use our body in the way it was designed. We do this through running, jumping, squatting (coming from a sitting to standing position), climbing and lifting to mention a few… We train with free weights or use our own body weight.

In CrossFit you will train under the supervision of a fully qualified professional CrossFit coach in small groups. This captures a group atmosphere and at the same time is small enough for the coach to give individual attention.


Why train at CFA?

Do you want a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to become fit? Then CrossFit Apeldoorn is the gym “box” you are looking for. CrossFit is real, challenging and you get results. You will see and feel the difference. CrossFit is pure!

What does CrossFit have to offer you?

  • Professional coaches who will guide and help you through the training
  • It will get you fit both physically and mentally
  • It provides challenges
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • You will become part of the CrossFit community
  • Most importantly it is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!